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http://Solidpress.com.ng Is a modern Global digital media platform. In today’s word there tons of informational cultural. We are here to select and emphasize fully the vital information more especially on entrepreneur.  News and lots  more about us. That is rich interesting. Entertaining and useful to your day to day activities.



Our mission is to be your guide, that leads the way to your success (perfect guide for living) .

We work to implement the cutting edge technology to build the most convenient digital platform in the word at large. And to make sure we bring you all the  information you need. This information’s comprises opportunities ,careers, entrepreneur, news and lot more. to know more about us , you can connect us with any of our platform.



Our content is not only interactive and outstanding. But makes an impact and changes world for better, (perfect guide for living). And lot more to offer.

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  • IMPACTS ; We cover the most trending and significant topics with emphasis local and global to enrich you. W e covers opportunities you have being waiting  to apply.
  • PEOPLE; We put our audience first by creating relevant content using multiple distribution channels and platform. Subscribe with us for more update.
  • INTEGRITY; Solidpress  check out facts before publishing. To avoid using misleading or click bait heading. We make sure that all our information  are original content.
  • TOLERANCE; We stick to “do no harm” policy, show the word in its diversity and never justify Violence.

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In all we care about the convenience of our user. That is why we share our contest through all possible platform. Stay tuned Solidpress loves you more and more. stay connected . For any other information about us, contact us any time any day. STAY CONNECTED . Email us @ Solidpress43@gmail.com